I am inspired by words, particularly the sound of the human voice and the person behind it.

The iteration of language through handwriting – the calligraphic forming of letters in different cultures and the universal concept of breath forming a line.

The place where calligraphy and cloth meet; the emotion held in garments as a tactile canvas to reveal the living history of an individual as found in their handwritten letters.

To pick up a needle as a ‘writing tool’ and work the line in thread taking it back to the person who wrote the original — similar to listening to music where the voice of the artist comes through.  This I call, ‘writing with a needle’ — to hand stitch by hand and eye the handwriting of any individual into a garment they might have worn.


I want to work with people who share this same attention to detail and an uncompromising approach to creativity.


To create living vibrant letters for branding logos signage fonts…

To create bespoke works of art of museum quality for this and future generations

To empathise with a story and re tell it for stage, film, and music industry

To create couture pieces of cloth for global fashion houses

To create a ‘writing with a needle’ service where individuals and companies can commission hand embroidered labels and branding and VIP bespoke commissioned gifts

To work with high end clients and provide a hands on ‘craft experience’ using calligraphy, lettering and hand stitch

To work with graphic designers and brand agencies to create more ‘craft-like’ practices and processes within a digital work space



  • Text in Textiles – Communication through stitch – 13th to 6th February, Book through West Dean College here
  • Calligraphy – Handwriting in confidence – 12th February, Book through West Dean College here


Royal College of Art             MA Constructed Textiles mixed media

Roehampton Institute          BA (hons) Calligraphy and Bookbinding



Victoria and Albert Museum


Kew Gardens

St James Schools

The Training Partnership

The Great Festival of Creativity, Istanbul

Les Soeurs Anglaises

West Dean

Woman with a needle — Sante Fe