‘I’m blown away! Its beyond what I could have imagined….It’s truly a thrill’ Jude Law

'My main interest in clothes lies in the personal stories they can reveal; seeing the words of the wearer Rosalind 'writes with her needle' onto the garment makes them even more powerful and poignant'

– Beatrice Behlen, Senior Curator, Fashion & Decorative Arts at Museum of London

‘The genius of Rosalind Wyatt: calligrapher-cum-seamstress…’

– Charlotte Abrahams ‘How to spend it’

‘Rosalind’s stitched garments are the most exquisite and compelling artworks, not simply for their rich visual quality but in the way they present a personal narrative of a particular historic time.’

– Richard Rogers — (Lord Rogers of Riverside) British Architect

‘Rosalind Wyatt approaches every aspect of her work with sensitivity and an innate understanding of the complexities of the human condition. She is a natural story teller - one who is able to let the absent speak for themselves with eloquence and dignity.’

– Sue Prichard, Senior Curator Royal Museums Greenwich