Text and Textiles – Communication through stitch 

When: Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th February 2020

Venue: West Dean, Chichester PO18 0RX

Calligraphy – Hand writing with confidence

When: Wednesday 12th February 2020

Venue: West Dean, Chichester PO18 0RX

Teaching is a celebration of transformation — it’s a shared experience!

With over twenty years of professional experience, I have shared knowledge with creative adventurers of all ages – people from all around the globe.

This is what they have said:

“I found myself with that inner aliveness that comes about when I am in that space of synchronicity where what is happening outside is totally in tune with what is searched for from the inner world”

“This was no ordinary workshop; you beautifully and gently integrated the energy within the group with the skill and experience you wanted to share and enabled each of us to bring it into ourselves in the way we each needed or wanted”

“I just loved it. I’m still buzzing…”

“Spending time with you in your atelier and being able to see all your treasures was a real experience”

 “I could listen to you speak for hours on end!”

Courses and lectures can be designed for individuals, groups and companies.

Drawing on multiple sources for inspiration, I encourage a practical approach to creativity — hand writing / brushwork / free hand stitching / body work / voice work/ group work / calligraphy and lettering with quill, pen, brush and needle…

For example:

Masterclass subjects:

Text and textile — having developed my own technique of ‘writing with an needle’ this is a step by step practical course

The story of cloth — using the garment as a canvas to tell a story— concept — research — making

Calligraphy and Lettering: an artistic approach…

Zen dojo — Zen brushwork has always been part of my creative practise.  I have re-created traditional spaces in gardens, festivals and fields to inspire beauty, harmony and a space for practise and contemplation

Find your mark/ find your voice – Study days and training packages offering in-depth mark making for creative narrative.  Each of us have a unique voice and a unique way to make a handwritten mark

Signature — is our face to the world.  Have you lost yours?  Let me help you rediscover it!  According to oriental tradition, the signature represents the human, authentic side of yourself; this changes and evolves over time.  If we neglect it we are neglecting an integral part of ourselves.

Creativity and play:

Live Calligraphy flash mob — With brush in hand, the group ‘speaks’ poetry and I write.  The result is often mesmerising, revealing and always unexpected.

Imaginative away days held in my ‘leafy’ Chiswick studio — come a visit a working studio in the heart of London and enjoy a proper cup of tea!

Develop a more craft like approach in a digital world – a welcome opportunity to step away from the screen and pick up a writing tool and reconnect on a human level with actual paper and ink!

Continuing professional development — sometimes we run out of steam and cannot see a way ahead — it happens!  At these times its extremely helpful to find another professional voice and pair of eyes that can provide a sounding board and practical solutions to unblock creativity in an safe environment


 Work published in ‘Text in Textile Art’ by Sara Impey, published by Batsford ISBN 978-1-84994-042-9