New Zurich Collection 2016

First shown in Rose Gold Silken Letters exhibition with Dina Moutragi in her gallery in Zurich.

‘Musings on Wood’


Calligraphy on Maple, Cherry and Swiss Pear woods. 

Available as a collection or one off piece or to commission.


Rose gold silken letters on swiss pear 500cmx300cmMu on cherry wood 600cmx370cmManifesto on maple wood 500cmx300cmLife Surfing on maple wood 500cmx300cmCursive on maple 500cmx300cmCircle on cherry wood 600cmx340cm


‘Silken Letters’

 Cut silk letters silk on silk.  Inspired by the greats!

_28A4296-r _28A4347-r

“Das Schonste was wir erleben Konnen ist das Gehmeinisvolle”

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious”

Albert Einstein

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“L’amor che muove il sole e l’altre stelle”

 “The love that moves the sun and the other stars”


_28A4256-r _28A4470


Available as a collection or one off piece or to commission.

‘Publish and be damned’


Installation for The New Craftsmen’s Made of Mayfair exhibition for London Craft Week, 2015.

‘Publish and be damned’ is a work in blue satin on pink washed silk and references the Duke of Wellington’s response to Harriette Wilson ( a famed Regency courtesan) when she threatened to  blackmail him.  The script is a precise replica of his handwriting, repeatedly practiced, enlarged and then hand cut with tiny scissors and scalpel and sealed onto silk.  An extract from one of Harriette’s letters, written in French and its envelope are hand stitched (mimicking her handwriting accurately) onto paper silk.

The Book of the Dark

The Book of the Dark

This was a commission to make a book for the writer, Mark Halliley’s wife.

The Book of the Dark is a book of poems about the dark night of the soul in a modern form – the experience of trauma and the long painful struggle back towards the light, written by writer and director Mark Halliley

White Gouache written in metal nib on a selection of black papers including Canson Ingres, Fabriano Ingres, Hahnemuhle and Somerset with covered boards in Les Jali and Chiyogami.  The black binding is interspersed with white decorated Japanese tissues featuring feathers of exotic birds and finally tied with antique satin black ribbon.

British Council Award

Perspex book award designed for British Council

International Young publisher of the Year (awarded by The British Council and presented by Cherie Blair) ran over 5 years and was designed to encapsulate the message of the award.  The leaves were hand printed onto English papers.  One leaf within the ‘perspex’ book told a story which ran along the viens of the leaf.



Coworth Park, The Dorchester

Brush Calligraphy for ‘Coworth Park’, The Dorchester

Applied lettering for Fox Linton


This commission was for 98 hand brushed calligraphy wardrobe doors for the designers, Fox Linton. The calligraphy on the doors provided the artwork for the rooms telling the history of the people and place of Coworth Park.  The images show the doors in studio production and in-situ.

Ten Year Tin

Ten Year Tin

I was approached by an Australian client who wanted to create a truly memorable surprise gift for his wife for their 10th wedding anniversary.  Tin is the material to mark the ten year anniversary.  However, this antique tin was customized with the ‘hall mark’ that they used before they were married when they used to write to each other.  It was lined with Chiyogama paper.

The tin contained six Irish linen napkins, monogrammed with the initials of each member of his family, complete with stitched napkin tie.   Also a special ‘celebration’ napkin which was hand stitched with his message to his wife, in his handwriting.

I received this lovely response when he presented it to her :

The ‘Grand Opening’ took place during a quiet dinner for two out on the town last night.  

It was quite a moment!  ‘Perfect’ were xxx words once she had wiped her tears away…  She was right, it was perfect.  Nothing could be added or changed to improve it.  All the additional detail, the ol’ tin itself, the Chiyogama paper lining – wow! and the black ribbon ties really do add class and beauty.  The linen napkins are beautiful in themselves and the ‘likeness of hand’ in the wonderfully stitched letter is mind boggling – how do you do that?

It has been so pleasing to watch it all unfold from the initial thought in mind, right through to xxx finally opening the tin and her delightful response last night…  

Thank you so very much for allowing the process to be so simple and harmonious and of course for bringing to life such a beautiful gift.