Three wearable lab coats commissioned by the ICR


Laura’s letter to cancer, written with a needle in her handwriting onto the back of the lab coat

“but we the parents of children with cancer, choose to talk about it, we choose to fight it, we choose to eradicate it. We choose to unite for the future of our children.” hand embroidered onto the arm of his lab coat

I was inspired to create three wearable art works using these lab coats belonging to the leading scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research.

For several months my studio turned into an art lab full of plain lab coats and the handwritten testimonials of cancer survivors and families of those suffering or lost to cancer.

Their words and drawings embellish the coats and the frightful cancer cells which are alluringly beautiful when seen under a microscope.

The primary technique is called ‘writing with a needle’ which is to copy by hand and by eye the handwriting of a person into textile.

This is their story, and the story of the scientists who work tirelessly to research and find a cure for devastating cancers of unmet need.