Stitch Love Letter


I would have torn the stars from the heavens for your necklace.

I would have stripped the rose-leaves for your couch from all the trees.

I would have spoiled the East of its spices for your perfume,

the West of all its wonders to endower you with these.

I would have drained the oceans, to find the rarest pearl-drops.

And melt them for your lightest thirst in ruby draughts of wine.

I would have dug for gold till the East was void of treasure, that, since you had no riches, you might freely take of mine.

I would have drilled the sun-beams to guide you through the day-time.

I would have caged the nightingales to lull you to your rest:

but love was all you asked for, in waking and in sleeping, and love I gave you, sweetheart, at my side and on my breast.

Lord Curzon — Viceroy of India to his wife

(from the original Sanskrit/Indian love song)