Sensory Journey

Sensory Journey — Arts for Health commission — Queen Marys Hospital, Roehampton

I wrote these words in response to this commission.  You, the viewer are invited on a journey, a sensory journey.  The beginning and end are interpreted by a white untarnished canvas.  The words run through the six panels in brush calligraphy.  They inspired the mood and feeling of the series.  The ward names, Rose, Sandalwood, Laurel and Lavender were chosen by staff at the hospital and these have been interpreted on different panels by the use of colour.  The colour used is pigment which is applied in a painterly way onto the canvas.  The paper leaves feature copies of original antique watercolours researched at the Herbarium at Kew Gardens and each canvas bears the apothecary’s mark of a bottle.  The canvas is formed by a collage technique incorporating fabric and Japanese paper which then becomes the surface to write, paint and stitch.

‘My breath is the wind that fills thee.

Light that would burn a thousand suns or cool a thousand moons.

Gentle vapours on whose current is the earth penetrated —

And space so huge that even the heavens were lifted.’

Bill Nighy Recording

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