A Homage to Frances Soame

This piece is inspired by the exquisite hand written diary of Frances Soame (shown above) — her letters ‘trans sewn’ onto a 18 century christening gown and featuring moon flowers burnt, cut and drawn into fabric.  Her diary largely features extracts from the poem of Edward Young’s ‘Night Thoughts’ excepting her own message shown here.


To the beloved Memory of Stephen Soame Esq,

This Monument is erected by his lamenting Widow

Daughter of Sir John Wynn Bart as a lasting

Body of her Affection to a kind and tender Husband

Who departed this life August 11th 1771 Age 34

Stop Passenger, and drop one pitying Tear

Over the lamented form that moulders here

Sad proof alas how soon our bliss is flown

And but just tasted e’re for ever gone.

Yet stay lov’d Shade — ah yet a moment stay

A moment and we all shall haste away.

Thy Frances only waits the child to rear.

Sweet pledge of all on earth my soul holds dear,

When she can spare me I will gladly come

Follow thy summons to the awfull Tomb

Where we may rest secure from mortal strife

Where none will wish to part the Man and Wife

Frances Soame 1771

The Tomb —–clos’d my tears  —-  —–  to flow

When ‘twas the Almighty’s Will to increase my woe

A few short months he spar’d my darling Child

That his connection might be slow and mild

His will be done, and may this keen felt smart

Prove the tired furnace to refine my heart

When this is done.  LORD be it thy Desire

To take me from this suffering world to Thee

F.S 1772

This piece is now in a private collection.