I am a British artist, (and Londoner) working from my studio in West London.

My work is about words – the sound of them, the feel of them…

I tell ordinary stories about people in extraordinary ways. For instance, ‘Writing with a needle’ I hand stitch their handwriting on one of their garments or one of their ancestor’s and a story comes to life. 

I work mainly to commission and have collaborated with major brands to tell their story.

Every story has at its heart a person an essential truth waiting to be told. That’s what appeals to me as an artist, what connects us all as human-beings.

A narrative stitched in your own handwriting is as unique as your DNA, – for me, it’s as real as your personal voice.  So text and textile come together and a story lives for all time.

My national historic project : The Stitch Lives of London is like a modern-day Bayeux Tapestry where clothes, artefacts and garments, donated by Londoners are transformed into art works; a social commentary of who we are now, today in London.



Text and Textile Masterclass Sat 30th/ Sun 31st March 2019 Book through Selvedge here


Royal College of Art             MA Constructed Textiles mixed media

Roehampton Institute          BA (hons) Calligraphy and Bookbinding


Selected Exhibitions (group and solo)

The New Craftsmen, Mayfair, London

‘The Gallery of Words’: pop-up gallery of Rosalind Wyatt’s work sponsored by Grosvenor, Mayfair, London

LAPADA – Julia Korner Fine Art

Cote Living, Zurich

John Martin Gallery, London

Coombe Gallery, Dartmouth UK

Shirley Crowther Contemporary Art

Carina Haslam Art

Contemporary Applied Arts, London

Art in Action, Oxfordshire, UK

National Gallery, London

ICCF            NYC

A21 – International Art Exhibition, Haradano-Mori Museum, Kobe, Japan



Victoria and Albert Museum


Kew Gardens

St James Schools

The Training Partnership

The Great Festival of Creativity, Istanbul

Les Soeurs Anglaises

West Dean

Woman with a needle – Sante Fe